Come and experience our simple and aromatic universe of food that takes Scandinavians, who are longing for sun, on an Italian food adventure for an evening.


Italian-Nordic savour and love for food in the heart of Aarhus.

The backbone of our restaurant is the Nordic and Italian cuisine. We use good local ingredients. We serve our food creatively prepared where traditional Italian savour meets modern Nordic thoughts.

You can find us in the heart of Aarhus, where we are ready to greet you with tasty ambitious courses for the food enthusiasts of the city.

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Hungry for lunch?

For lunch, we serve a selection of tasty freshly made pasta dishes. Everything is made from scratch and the ingredients are from the local community.

Cacio e Pepe 99,-
Pasta Carbonara 129,-
Pasta Puttanesca 129,-
Ravioli 149,-

All our pasta dishes are served with crispy salad, homemade bread and home-stirred butter



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An evening at GÄST


4-COURSE MENU: 400,-

Cured halibut, tarragon & kale
Gnocchi, sage, pickled mustard & wildboar
Mallard, pistachio, beetroot & onion
Lemon, olive oil & italien meringue

VINMENU: 320,-
Four glasses of wine including filtered water


“I’ll Have It All”: 785,-

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Dinnerdays, 9 – 16 February 2019

During the winter holiday in Aarhus, we open the doors to the city’s beating food hearts. Get a gastronomic experience in the heart of Aarhus with a special menu inspired by the Italian and Nordic cuisine, where the sustainable ingredients are sourced from carefully selected and local suppliers.


Graved cod – spices – parsley root – fennel – cranberry

“Osso buco” Braised veal shank – marrow – Jerusalem artichokes – tomato – gremolata

Mocha – mascarpone ice cream – amaretto – chocolate

210, – pr. person (+ ticket fee)

Purchase for main course:

Gratinated patato with sage and parmesan – DDK 50, –

Salad – DKK 50.-

Fresh truffle – DKK 50, –

Supplements for dessert:

Italian cheeses – instead of – DKK 35.-

WINE MENU as an acquisition:

250, – pr. person

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Restaurant GÄST i Århus. Italiensk mad og vin i Aarhus


For a very special occasion, you have to use quite a special framework – and we have it.

We are happy to make them available and tailor an evening based on your needs.



Gastronomical moments

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Årets bedst anmeldte nye restauranter i Danmark

GÄST disker op med virkelig gode smagssammensætninger og nyfortolkninger, og placerer sig selvsikkert blandt Aarhus’ allerbedste italienske restauranter.

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Thoughtfulness shows in the taste

Running GÄST has to be meaningful – not just for us – but also for nature, our guests and the local community that we are a part of. It’s about quality and taste. About context and balance.

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For a very special occasion you will need a very special setting – which we have. We will gladly provide you with the right settings whether it is for a confirmation, a wedding, a birthday, a Christmas party or another kind of celebration.

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